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Collected data are subject to statistical analysis. Chapter 4 slope stability universiti teknologi malaysia. For a deterministic analysis, swedge computes the factor of safety for a specific wedge. A framework for determining the py curve on the basis of both theoretical analysis. Kinematic analysis is a method used to analyze the potential for the various modes of rock slope failures plane, wedge, toppling failures, that occur due to the presence of unfavorably oriented discontinuities figure 1. Slope failures are essentially natural hazards that occur in many areas over the world.

Mofrac is a software package developed at mirarco mining innovation that generates 3d fracture network models for rock mass characterization. Popularly known as landslides, slope failures describe a wide variety of mechanisms that cause the outward or downward movement of slopeforming materials like rock, soil or landfills. It has several updated features from version 1 including a button bar at the top. Clustar is a program for computerised structural geology data collection and analysis. The goal of this sub model is to calculate the amount of soil of the failure wedge b, as shown in the free body diagram. The proximity of guard ring and reduced pad size were found to cause rupture and shorting of wire bonds to the. Calculation of the failure wedge dredging engineering. Wedge digests all the process data, from multiple sources, for analysis and diagnosis.

Download data acquisition and keyboard wedge software usb. Holmes is an automated debugging and failureanalysis tool that uses statistical analysis of codecoverage data to identify the most likely cause of test failures. Kinematic analysis kinematic analysis rock slope wedge failurerock slope wedge failure similar to planar failures several conditions relating to the similar to planar failures, several conditions relating to the line of intersection must be met for wedge failure. Stereographic analysis of structural fabric from a rock slope design perspective, the most important characteristic of a discontinuity is its a wedge failure on two planar failure in rock in which. This type of failure usually occur on a weak plane or weak joint circular failure or non circular failure, circular failure are associated with homogeneous. Microsoft wedge mouse does not function properly on. Rock slope wedge failure typical wedge failure involving sliding on two persistent joints with line of intersection of joints daylighting at toe of rock face, and an upper plane that formed a tension crack. Wedge is powerful datamining software that enables you to improve industrial plant efficiency with ease. Rockpack iii is designed to support the user from data collection through geologic analysis by stereonets to safety factor calculations by limit equilibrium methods and finally to slope design and design of artificial support if required. It includes a stereonet view of the planes the user inputs and a printable summary of the analysis. This version also has a feature to allow the user to input. Unwedge is a 3d stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities. Composite wedge failure using photogrammetric measurements and dfndem modelling.

This program is used to analyze the stability of rock slopes and walls for a specified type of failure, including a planar or polygonal slip surface or rock wedge. A kinematic analysis of the different types of failure planar, wedge, and toppling is developed using gis, following which a probabilistic analysis is made of the limit equilibrium in slopes where the conditions for kinematic failure. Mofrac discrete fracture network modelling software. Wedge failure analysis of soil resistance on laterally. Holmes uses a custom datacollection tool to amass detailed path coverage during testing. Wedge failure is the soil mass movement due to external force. To accomplish this goal a special software system called fracas failure reporting, analysis and corrective actions system should be used. Wedge failure analysis wedge failure analysis version 21. Remember it is always good to know what the black box software. The analysis of the failure surface led to the identification of two distinct joints as being responsible for the wedge. Based on rock slope engineering third edition, 1981 by. Wedge failure analysis of soil resistance on laterally loaded piles in clay youngho kim1. Rockpack iii rockware rockware software consulting. It has several updated features from version 1 including.

As a result, wedges can now be comprised of three joint planes. Rock slope assessment using kinematic and numerical analyses. Twedge enables you to capture data from devices like bar code readers, scanners, decoders, gauges, electronic scales and. The wedge failure tool opens the wedge failure analysis window. Safety factors are calculated for potentially unstable wedges. In the past, the pseudostatic method was the most common method used to evaluate stability of the slope under seismic loads. So far it has been playing out but we have only seen small moves up till now. This is the steepest possible failure plane, so worth checking in detail. This version also has a feature to allow the user to input artifical support rockbolts, cable bolts, etc. The tool analyzes this coverage data to find paths that strongly correlate with failure.

Capabilities include computerized field data collection, stereonet analyses to identify possible failure. Wedgefailure analysis of the seismic slope using the. Analysis has been undertaken to determine in what scenarios the measured and predicted failure surfaces can be used to calibrate strength parameters in the model. Software tagged with wedge analysis total items found. Wedge failure analysis of anchored rock slopes subjected to surcharge and seismic loads yan kou follow this and additional works at. Quite a number of techniques are available for these analyses and in this chapter the more widely used techniques are discussed. Planar failure of rock slope occurs when the mass of rock in a slope slides down along a weak plane. For a probabilistic analysis, statistical input data can be entered to account for uncertainty in joint orientation, strength and other parameters, and a probability of failure.

A fundamental study of pilesoil systems subjected to. In rock slopes plane, wedge, toppling and rock fall are common modes of failures tang et al. Download the universal data acquisition software and keyboard wedge twedge. Failure analysis of safetycritical and missioncritical equipment at the field use stage requires failure data collection and statistical analysis. Tech support scams are an industrywide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Failure associated with an aluminum wedge bonding in a range finder asic was analyzed. Composite wedge failure using photogrammetric measurements. There are number of conditions that must exist in a rock slope for planar failure to occur. External failure sliding, bearing, overturning, global failure internal failure eg. This version of the wedge failure analysis package is complete.

Visible geological structures could be identified directly on the 3d image and mapped as polygonal surfaces. Landslide can result either from rock failure or soil failure. Through the method, static forces acting on the center of. Safety factors are calculated for potentially unstable wedges and support requirements can be modeled using various types of pattern and spot bolting and shotcrete. Wedges are defined by two intersecting discontinuity planes, the slope surface and an optional tension crack. Wedge failure analysis download this version of the. The emphasis was on an improved wedge failure model developed by considering threedimensional combination forces and a new hyperbolic py criterion.

Software for engineering control of landslide and tunnelling hazards. Software for engineering control of landslide and tunnelling. A 3d image of the failure surface was first built from photogrammetric data acquisition performed after the wedge collapse elmouttie et al. Trimble wedge powerful dataanalysis tool for process. The kinematic analysis was carried out using dips 5.

In technical analysis, a security price pattern where trend lines drawn above and below a price chart converge into an arrow shape. Pdf failure analysis and corrective action in wire. Failure modes in rock and soil slopes slope failure. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying. Swedge is a quick, interactive and simpletouse analysis tool for evaluating the geometry and stability of surface wedges in rock slopes. Rock slope engineering civil engineering i am menglim.

Wedges can now include a basal failure plane pentahedral wedges. They usually use force polygons where you have to find the weight of each soil wedge for all the different failure angles. Rock stability is a tool for rock slope stability analyses planar, polygonal slip surface or rock wedge. Previous analysis i showed the big bearish wedge on bitcoin and the smaller wedge being the retest of the bigger one. Besides the amount of soil in the failure wedge the surface area at the outside of the failure wedge. Part of the earth sciences commons, and the engineering commons recommended citation kou, y. Unwedge stability analysis for underground excavations. The potential wedge failure on intersection bc passes marklands test, so sliding only occurs along the steeper dicontinuity b. Similar to planar failures, seve ral conditions relating to the line of intersection must be met for wedge failure to be kinematically admissible. Swedge 3d surface wedge analysis for slopes software. State of the art solver engine allows rapid analysis of.

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