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Today is filled with beachcombing, swimming, hikes through the islands dunes and, of course, plenty of whale watching. On our first trip we saw a blue whale with an escort of bottlenose dolphins. Ive been single parenting and traveling with my parents since offspring was tiny, and this was the second time my sister joined us with her two kids on a trip since she started single parenting. The blue whales of the loreto marine reserve, baja.

Wake to the fresh scent of coffee and tea, and possibly fit in an early morning whale watching session from the beach while the guides prepare your hot breakfast. Oct, 2017 as a secret hotspot for all things outdoorsy, loreto, mexico is the perfect place to deepsea fish, whale watch, standup paddle board, kayak, snorkel, hike, golf, and lounge at the beach or pool. Baja accommodation whale watching mexico ecotourism. Whale watching, baja, mexico whale tours dive discovery. Baja california whale watching day trips to book or not to. The whales show up when loreto mexico weather is at its finest, from december to march. Don a mask and snorkel for a swim around the rocks and inlets of the islands and you will see why. If youre fortunate to be visiting loreto in the months of january through march, its likely that at some point during your stay youll be treated to the sight of whales spouting off shore.

Private whale watching excursion to magdalena bay, mexico. If you re fortunate to be visiting loreto in the months of january through march, it s likely that at some point during your stay you ll be treated to the sight of whales spouting off shore. Sergios whale watching ensenada baja california norte, mexico. Many whales that feed in northern waters migrate south each year. Aboard many boats, biologists give information about the whales annual travels to the tourists. Loreto coronavirus covid19 update in baja california mexico. In the weeks in the whales will venture as far south as cabo pulmo and cabo san lucas to winter, before turning around and heading north again to summer in arctic waters. San ignacio lagoon and sea of cortez oceanic society.

Whale watching holiday to mexico loreto whales worldwide. A 16% tax is levied on all diving activities in mexico. This is our focus and our reason for being in business. We do our utmost to provide the best possible whale watching experience. Blue whales, balaenoptera and photoidentification researchgate, the. Whale watching season begins in baja california travel.

Mar 30, 2020 my parents organized a family trip on westjet to loreto, mexico for the group of seven as they like to call us. Sergios sportfishing center callejon todos santos centro c. Gray whale mothers are incredibly protective and make especially attentive caretakers. Loretos international airport is the closest international airport to the lagoons, with limited service provided by aeromexico and aero california.

Whale watching in mexicos magdalena bay audley travel. Water spouting by blue whales has made town loreto in the pacific island state of baja california sur an important stop for visitors coming to mexico, especially during the last week of january. In magdalena bay charter companies take people out to the calving lagoons of the grey whales hoping for a friendly experience when a whale will approach a boat and allow people to touch it. During practice boat tours, whale watch captains were taken out at sea in two to three of their boats, in conjunction with a kayaker who pretended to be a blue. The east coast of baja is bordered by the sea of cortez, supporting the largest and most varied population of whales in the world, as well as one of the last sanctuaries for the endangered finback and blue whales, the largest of the cetaceans twice the size of gray whale. Domestic services are provided by aeromexico connect, aereo calafia and aereo servicio guerrero, regional airlines that operate flights within the state, and to. And to top it off, loreto boasts incredible mountain, ocean, and island views all at once. Experience the beauty and aweinspiring marine wildlife. Sergios whale watching season ensenada baja california. Every year, the california gray whales set off on the longest migration made by any mammal. Hi there, i am travelling with my family to baja california from 29th march 15th april 2015. Time of the year during the puerto vallarta whale watching season does make a difference.

Loreto, mexico whales, dolphins, sea lions, and a whale shark. Whale watching san diego style we love whales and have driven deep into mexico twice to the unesco world heritage site of the whale diy baja california road trip. Vive loreto has the best tours and adventure experiences at loreto, baja california, mexico. Whaletrips mexico the best tips for whale watching in. Its whalewatching season on mexicos pacific coast, from baja to. If youre here just for the sea kayaking, the best time to visit baja is the end of octearly dec, as well as marapr, as the wind drops and the sea of cortez is clear and calm. A guide to whale watching in loreto baja california, mexico. To see the whales you really need to take an organized boat trip or a private boat charter operated by an experienced skipper who knows where the whales are and how to approach them in the vessel without scaring them off.

Whale watching at magdalena bay, mexico audley travel. Loreto bay, whale watching loreto bay national marine park. During the beginning of the puerto vallarta whale watching season we typically encounter only adult humpback whales. Just after we pulled out from the beach into deep water, we had 5 or 6 enormous blue whales spouting all around us. We provide our tours on traditional mexican pangas with new motors. But the best places for spotting whales are around baja, the sea of cortez, and magdalena bay. At this time of the whale watching season there are new whales arriving every day, males and females. Loreto, mexico whales, dolphins, sea lions, and a whale.

Mar 03, 2016 a trip to loreto, mexico to see the grey whales. February is peak month for both grey whales and visitors, and whale watching trips take place in magdalena bay and san ignacio lagoon. The sea of cortez, on the coast of mexico, is the place. The whale watching near loreto can be wonderful but is very different from whale watching in magdalena bay. Gray whale watching season begins in early december and moves along the pacific coast of the baja peninsula and ends in early april as the whale return north. These are panga local motorboat tours with a knowledgeable captainguide. Mexico baja california baja california sur loreto things to do in loreto. Experience north americas most exhilarating whale watching trip. Its an area rich in sea food for humans as well as whales so it attracts huge numbers of humpback, grey, blue and. The amazing gray whales of baja is our flagship and most popular tour. A whale watching vessel engaged in passive blue whale watching in loreto bay, mexico.

Study area around the baja california peninsula where blue whales. We also see fin whales, humpbacks, dolphins, mantas and other wildlife on this tour. The gray whale spends summers in the waters off of alaska, and then heads 6,000 miles almost 10,000 km south to the warmer lagoons of baja in january, february and march. Experience magical, close encounters with the friendly gray whale mothers and calves of san ignacio lagoon, a unesco world heritage site. We also visit the beautiful sea of cortez for whale watching on this weeklong adventure on mexico s baja california peninsula. Sea and land tours loreto 2020 all you need to know before. The blue whales of the loreto marine reserve, baja california sur. The blue whales of the loreto marine reserve the aquarium of the world is how the great jacques cousteau referred to the sea of cortez. There are, however, still many bad tour operators, so that you should take care to only book tours at a licensed operation. Whale watching trip mexico ecotourism natural habitat. Mexico s whale watching industry has improved a lot in the last 20 years, resulting in great tour operators and strict guidelines for protection of the animals.

Loreto bay, whale watching loreto bay national marine. Tourists are likely to see mothers at play with their calves, and can be seen carrying their calves on their back when the young become tired. Sometimes we have two separate groups that are in the same location at the same time. Every spring, the rich waters of the loreto national marine park draw the worlds largest animal to come feed. Mexico whale watching will reveal colonies of gray whales that are among the most gentle whale species in the world.

Time comes to watch blue whales in loreto of mexico youtube. Whale watching as a solo traveller loreto forum tripadvisor. Limited to 18 travelers a very important feature of our whale watching tours is the limited group size, as whale encounters are best experienced with fewer travelers for a more intimate nature experience. Hi all, i am looking to travel over for some whale watching around. We did five toursgray whales, blue whales, snorkeling at isla coronado, mision san javier, and cave. Download scientific diagram study area around the baja california peninsula. If youre along the coast during peak migrating season, youre likely to spot a whale or two. Baja california whale watching, mexico ultimate travel co. The video below shows how close we were to the whales.

Sergios whale watching live the adventure with ensenadas best whale excursions join us to meet the gray whale, a beautiful example of survival, evolutionary trapped in time, crossing borders during their long annual migrations from the seas of alaska, and today, breaking the barrier of coexistence with man. The whales migrate each winter to the warm waters here to. When the gray whales arrive in baja to have their babies, it is a magical time. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in baja. Close encounters with bajas gray whales by kathi koontz it was dark when i left my house, but the sun was shining brightly upon our groups arrival in beautiful loreto baja california sur, mexico, the starting point for our baja. Up to nine species of whales visit baja on a regular basis. Jan 20, 2016 water spouting by blue whales has made town loreto in the pacific island state of baja california sur an important stop for visitors coming to mexico, especially during the last week of january. The whale watching season in mexico is reasonably short. Home mexico destinations loreto loreto attractions loreto whale watching. Blue whale tours, loreto sea of cortez loreto sea and land tours. Mothers nudge their daysold babies up to the boats, they rub against the hulls, and in some cases even come close enough to be patted on the nose.

Blue whale watching in loreto bay, baja california sur. There are 8 adults in the group, and well be travelling in an rv from san diego with the main purpose of whale watching at scammons lagoon, san ignacio, and the sea of cortez hopefully on a trip leaving from loreto. Whales of guerrero study and protect whales boost the. Our staff is highly experienced in baja whale watching. Close encounters with bajas gray whales oceanic society. Grey whale watching in baja is one of the worlds most intimate wildlife encounters. Apr 24, 2015 on a beautiful march morning in loreto bay, baja california sur, we were picked up right on the beach of our hotel by our tour boat danzante tours to ride the glassy waters out to see how many whales we could spot that day.

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